Monday, August 10, 2009

This month stories

It was a very hectic month, last week was my brother in law wedding. Besides preparing for the brides custumes and pelaminan the whole previous weeks were very fully scheduled with chereoraphing and teaching the Poco-poco dance for the "Persembahan Budaya of Majlis Muleh 3 Hari". It was very fantastic and enjoyable!
While yesterday, was my cousin weddings..HUH! was very exhausted and I had to makeup 4 times in a day!...Katy in the early morning, than to my cousins at Hua Ho Manggis, after that rush to Bajlinah at Jerudung and last one at Katy again for her ambil-ambilan....It was very tiring but thanks to Allah, everything done very well and smoothly.

In this blog, I wanted to take this opportunity to convey my so sorry to Bajlina for being late, unfortunately our car was being blocked by the irresponsible person, we had waiting inside the car for almost 1 hrs!...So sorry Bazlina, I really hope you like my touch eventhough it was in rush...heheehe however honestly speaking you look gorgeous more function to go dear, hopefully it will be more wonderful than yesterday..I wish to and I will...

To my dear Katy, thanks for your patient and understanding, you are the greatest person and so sorry for being macam-macam kerenah dear..However, I was very glad to see with your sweet, cool and smilley faces on all the way of your historic time, your confidents and trusts to my service was highly appreciated and thats was the secret of the success actually. Customer trust and confidents!!!Just let me do own my own,be cool and relax..than see the outcome well be marvelous...Thanks again dear..

Also thanksful and gratitude to Abg Jali, Kak Sarah and Nana, also for their trust to allow us on our own designing all of her wedding dress.Huh! so kabak-kabak actually since Abg Jali was very perfectionist person..hehee but Alhamdulillah, he satisfied with it. I also did the Nana's makeup for every functions, except for her Nikah. Thanks to you Nana, I really hope you like my touch.hehehe

To Abg Jimik and sis Susie, thanks to the both of you jua,lawa kawin kamu kali ah...even though I have no opportunity to make up sis Suzie, feel a little bit dissapointed actually, but, I feel happy all of your Majlis run smoothly and perfect. Very enjoyed with the poco-poco and Zapin dance,.have very wonderful time and from this I get to know closer with all my sporting, funy and beautiful Biras and untie...hehehe

I will upload their pictures soon.

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