Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mardiah "Malam Berbedak"

The maroon songket wear by Mardiah below, is more classical theme, rent only for $250-$300 which is suitable for Majlis Malam Berbedak, less chiffon or lace. We just focus on the beats of the top and bottom part, middle part will be covered by Jong Sarat. Classical or traditional theme will be more nicer for that night with the big and heavy head gear.

For the make-up touch, since the bride is full with big, gold accessories, I will like to suggest the bride to have heavier and classical makeup touch, with thick eye shadow, thick blusher, thick eye lashes and very red maroon lip stick is more marvelous for that night event.. Light and natural eye shadow is really not recommended!!you will look pale with that kind of makeup especially with lightning on the stage!.

This is the sample of our "Pakaian Brunei cost $300 for both male and female set. If you choose me as your make-up artists , I prefer and I advise to use my own set since I get familiar with it. I can prepare and make sure all of the items are in good conditions and ready to be used with the new white and yellow papers flower. Easy for the "Mak andam" to fix it and save their time.So booked my "pakaian Brunei" now and you will never regret it!

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