Monday, August 10, 2009

Mardiah's wedding

In this pictures, will show you, the wedding ceremonies of Dyg Mardiah Hj Said with... I can't remember the name of her husband.Sorry Mar..hehee. Here will potray you her Majlis Nikah, Majlis Berbedak Malam, Majlis Bersanding and Majlis Ber ambil-ambilan. For your information, all her dress accessories and make-up services were from DDGMIN BRIDAL BOUTIQUE.. I also, want to send my sincere gratitude and thankful to Mardiah and her husband, for your trust, your confidents that made us feel homes and fun to be with both of you...Thanks..

In this blog, I also want to share and highly recommend you another professional photographer, which I really impressed and admired with his creatives touch and ideas. So feel free to browse down to see all his creatives works and ideas.Well Done to Adi Hidayat. For those who are still searching for the best photographer, if you are interested, you can contact him:


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