Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nur Raihana Wedding

Thanks to Nana for her trust and selected me as her make -up artist on her Malam Berbedak, Majlis Bersanding and Malam Berambil-ambilan .

The Korean, Chinese, Japanese custome, Malam Berbedak and her grey sanding dress were also from our boutique..Thanks to you once again Nana, I really hope you satisfied it!

The Grey dress below was my special design made for Raihana, pasting lace and fully beats by our Indian Beaders, but surely I preferred to expose more on the songket .To be more extravagant on the stage with ligthning, glitter veil is more nicer! Nana will be sparkling on the stage!

The groom on the hand, is cot cutting style, inside will be the Thai silk and outside is covered with the cot cutting songket...

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