Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mardiah's Nikah

Today, I would like to show you some pictures of one of our kind client, Mardiah Hj Said, on her different events of her wedding. For her special day, Alhamdulillah, she had chosen our boutique as one of her wedding planner, her dress designer, accessories matcher,her make-up artist from the first till the end of the events.i) The Majlis Nikah was held on 17th July, 2009
ii) Majlis Berbedak Malam- 19th July, 2009
iii) Majlis bersanding- 20th July, 2009
iv) majlis berambilan- 20th July, 2009

From this blog, on behalf of the company, we would like to convey million appreciation and thankyou to the couples for being kind, cool and funny on the long way of their big days, not forgotten for the trust and willingness to choose us as their wedding planner. We really hope that our services really satisfied your needs and so sorry if it is not.But "Mudahan Puas hati"hehehe. Anyway thanks Mardiah..:-)))

Below is her Nikah gown that she'd design according to Ikin Mawi Nikah dress. Alhamdulillah, she like it very much and she look gorgeous and it really fitted with her taste.
Accessories for Nikah, on the other hand, silver medium size crown was more preferable.

I always preferred to have light and natural look makeup using very soft blend eye shadow and lipstick for any "Nikah" function. Never in red lipstick bride will look old than their age!hehe..
Mardiah you look sweet here!!Ayu ya...


mona said...

A'kum, Juz wna ask aa,Biskita ada harga package bg pelaminan termasuk bju pengantin kh& complete wif access0ries as a common laa 2 aa? & about make up... ada ka jua harga package bg 3hri as usual untuk majlis nikah,mlm berbadak&majlis bersandig... f ada blh kita post arh ku? bcuz msane aku tgh survey bju pengantin & dri apa yg ku leat, aku suka dgn pakaian & d'way biskita make'up kn at0... hup 2 hear fr0m u so0n

Dd-Gmin Bridal Gallery said...

hai, sorry for the late reply mona, i just encountered your we do have the complete package with the pelamin and all items needed for evry functions.kalau dpt its better u go to our butik at serusop.coz banyak package ada disana.k feel free to visit to our butik.tq mona