Friday, March 19, 2010

Here we wanted to share with you also another of our new designed pelamin specially made for our dearest customer "Zulfah". For her wedding, she'd requested a golden and white theme with white silver chairs, simple but nice deco... Alhamdulillah this really fulfilled her tastes and made us feel rather rewarded with her compliments!

Today was, Zulfah's "Nikah" day, where she'd picked me up as her make-up artist for all of her functions. Honestly feel really exhausted but I really enjoyed it!, where morning, I did makeup Dk Serwani for her "Sanding" at Rimba than rushed to Tutong for Zulfah. Fully scheduled but surely trying harder to do the best for the brides satisfaction.Fully blasts!.
So that is why I preferred to be privacy, I mean just me and the brides in the room, so that I can focus and concentrate to get the best results!
Hopefully, I can upload their photos soon!Can't wait to see the outcome....

Our staff on the other hands in our boutique, where struggling harder to complete Zulfah's green dress for her sanding! still doing the beadings by our Indian's beader and we too can't wait to see the output to share with you all..

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lyn Halim from my touch

Justify FullI was very happy to have these collections from one of my dear client, Lyn and very thankful to her for her trusts...
For the 'Nikah', I preferred to put on soft and natural make-up, so that the bride will look fresh and clean. The lipstick of course,pinkish or any natural colour.Insya Allah, she will look gorgeous and adorable!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

A fresh Friday morning, a little bit feel relaxing today!but need to blast out thinking on new design of Pelamin for our next clients. More demands on simply white, all white in colour with garden theme so have to buy more new flowers!
Next week will be our hectic week, fully schedule, need to design Maktab SOAS coat, designing dancing custom, bridal custom, dresses from VIP customer all need to be done by end of this month.
Alhamdulillah..Eventhough it was very tiring, but might be relieved with "customer satisfaction " at the end of it. Hopefully our hard working will always gratify them and we do always try harder!:-)We'll always pray...
Moreover, if you have your own dreams of "pelaminan"and bridal dress design, come and feel free to contact us, sit down and let's share and discuss together for your desired dreams to come true.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To all valued customers, we are kindly to inform you that we have 4 latest wedding stages and lot more to come soon!
  • Suitable with the most recent models:- simply whitish, fresh and flowery distributed all over the stage!
  • Prices will be from $350++ for the ready made and $700++ on any special request for new made design and accessories.

Our latest wedding dress ..
  • a lot of choices with up to date fashions; lace covered with scattering, shimmering and resplendent beads by our Indian beader
  • we guarantee that you will deeply feel in love with it!
  • the cutting may absolutely satisfied you
  • Ready made prices are $350-$450 complete with accessories
  • new design and custom made using ours "songket" the prices are $500-$700 also complete with accessories
You are delighted to be invited to our Boutique for further information and our staff will enthusiastically entertain you.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Apart of our Pelamin, Red carpet, Arch and Floor Flowers deco

below are apart of our highly demand pelamin "The Golden" and " The whitish".

For "The whitish" we can change the gray colour cloth to any other colour that you wish to be and can be enlarged the size for ball room stage. Flowers colour can be altered to, never hesitate to discuss with us of your dreams "pelamin" for your wedding day!.see you and feel free to visit our boutique ok.Lot more sample of pelamin and surely we can design for your new custom made!

Below, "Whitish formal pelaminan" best for the groom. Simple but nice...:-)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Aima & Hakim Nikah

My magic touch for Aima on her special day...

Nothing much to tell here, surely, very appreciated to Aima for making me as her make up artists of all of her events. But, I could only make once which was during her Nikah . Her confidences to let me did on my own, with her trusts and sedates on all the way of my touched made me felt comfortable and easily flows of ideas and .... Alhamdulillah she was satisfied with it!..Thanks to you Aima.

These were some photos that I had uploaded from one of the well known photographer, which I also impressed with his output. Feel free to browse through his website at to further explore his outcome.