Friday, March 19, 2010

Here we wanted to share with you also another of our new designed pelamin specially made for our dearest customer "Zulfah". For her wedding, she'd requested a golden and white theme with white silver chairs, simple but nice deco... Alhamdulillah this really fulfilled her tastes and made us feel rather rewarded with her compliments!

Today was, Zulfah's "Nikah" day, where she'd picked me up as her make-up artist for all of her functions. Honestly feel really exhausted but I really enjoyed it!, where morning, I did makeup Dk Serwani for her "Sanding" at Rimba than rushed to Tutong for Zulfah. Fully scheduled but surely trying harder to do the best for the brides satisfaction.Fully blasts!.
So that is why I preferred to be privacy, I mean just me and the brides in the room, so that I can focus and concentrate to get the best results!
Hopefully, I can upload their photos soon!Can't wait to see the outcome....

Our staff on the other hands in our boutique, where struggling harder to complete Zulfah's green dress for her sanding! still doing the beadings by our Indian's beader and we too can't wait to see the output to share with you all..

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